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Fair Haven

Fair Haven is a small community in Monmouth County, New Jersey. It sits along the beautiful Navesink River (tucked behind the northernmost point of the Jersey Shore), and is considered part of the greater New York Metropolitan Area.

Don’t let the small population of 6,121 fool you, those in the know understand that Fair Haven is a special place to live.

The first permanent dwelling in the town was built in 1816 by the current location of Fair Haven Road and was used as a logistical base to serve the river-based economy which brought oysters to New York City.

Over time it became a major stopover for the vaudeville-scene where actors organized a players club on what is now the Shrewsbury River Yacht Club. The town experienced growth for the next two hundred years, but today ​​still retains much of its original charm. Today the Old Village is contained in an historic district that highlights the 19th century atmosphere and appearance. Famous football coach Vince Lombardi chose to live in Fair Haven during his time running the New York Giants.

It’s noted as a great spot for families, especially those with younger children as the school system runs from pre-k through 8th grade, while high schoolers attend nearby Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High. In 2016, Newsweek reported that Rumson-Fair haven Regional High School was the 144th best school in the nation.

The town boasts environmental and historic preservation commissions that ensure Fair Haven stays fair. The last weekend of every summer sees many descend on the city for the yearly Fireman’s Fair. If you are lucky you just might catch native-New Jersey residents Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen who have been known to attend.

For those looking for a small town feel, Fair Haven is a great location.

While Fair Haven homes come in all shapes and sizes, the roofs of these homes are almost all made from asphalt shingles. This type of material is designed to withstand the climate and natural forces of the area, which involve lots of temperature fluctuation while still protecting the roof. What’s nice about asphalt shingles, though, is that they give Fair Haven homeowners the opportunity to customize the look of their roof. There are an incredible range of different designs and colors available. The three main choices of roof material and style are:

-Strip shingles (or three-tab shingles) that boast a flat appearance
-Dimensional shingles (or architectural shingles) that give the roof a multi-dimensional appearance
-Luxury shingles that look like wood shake or slate

Fair haven homes’ roofs must be built to withstand the Central / Coastal New Jersey region’s climate and frequent fluctuations in temperature. The homes that are located on or close to the water also must be able to hold up to the higher wind, sand and salt that come directly off the Sandy Hook bay. Even some of the more inland homes have to deal with these conditions.

The roof is one of the most essential parts of your home. It keeps you and your family protected from the outside elements, and as such, it’s important to regularly assess the quality and lifespan of your roof, and decide to replace it before it becomes too late.

Proven Contracting Projects in Fair Haven, New Jersey.

At Proven Contracting, we have been serving Fair Haven and Central New Jersey since our founding five years ago. We are experienced in roof repairs and replacement, as well as siding and window replacement, and gutter-work.

Contact us today if:
-Your Fair Haven home’s roof has missing or has damaged shingles
-You see sand or other granule build-up in your gutters
-Your shingles are curling or peeled up
-Your roof is close to or has exceeded a 20-year lifespan

These are all signs that your roof needs some serious TLC, and may even need to be replaced. Unfortunately, if you don’t address these issues, your roof – and your home – will be susceptible to water damage, which could lead to expensive repairs that extend well past your roof. With such an important feature, we believe it’s never good to just “wait and see” how it turns out.

Oftentimes, people delay replacing their roof for convenience-sake or because they want to hold off on spending money. At Proven Contracting, we can complete your entire roofing replacement project in just one day. We also pay special attention to cleanup so the process is quick and seamless and you aren’t left with any kind of mess. No one likes having construction at home, but the benefits of a new roof far outweigh any hassle (especially when it can be done so seamlessly!)

Your new roof will help protect your Fair Haven home for years to come, and can also give your home a fresh new look, which can allow it to stand out among the other homes in your neighborhood in a good way while increasing your property value. A new roof gives your home a facelift and personalizes your home once you choose the color and options that fit you and your home best.

At Proven Contracting, we take a consultative approach to every one of our jobs. We provide free roof estimates so we can assess the health and status of your roof before making any recommendations. After we get an up-close look at the entire structure of your roof, we provide you with a hassle-free quote for your roof replacement or repairs.

By working with you directly during the planning process for your roof or siding replacement, we can ensure that your new updates not only protects your home but looks good as well.

If you currently own a home in Fair Haven, call Proven Contracting today to book your free estimate at (732) 800-4616.

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