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Hazlet NJ Roofing Projects

Hazlet is very close to the New Jersey-New York border, near the confluence of Sandy Hook Bay and Raritan Bay, across which is Staten Island, New York. The town is located in the northern edge of Monmouth County.


Hazlet is one of the towns part of the Bayshore Regional Strategic Plan, which is seeking to reinvigorate the region’s economy by focusing on its maritime history and natural environment, as well as dense neighborhoods and traditional downtowns.


As of the 2010 Census, Hazlet was home to a little more than 20,000 residents and 7,140 households. The population of the township has actually been on a relatively steady decline since 1980, when it had 23,013 residents.

FUN FACT: Hazlet was home to the last drive-in movie theater in New Jersey, the Route 35 Drive-In, which shut its doors in 1991.
That is, until the Delsea Drive-In in Vineland opened back up in 2004.

Hazlet has a diverse population in terms of ages, speaking predominantly to the family atmosphere of the town. Families love Hazlet and this part of New Jersey because of its easy access to New York City as well as the beautiful coastline of Central New Jersey.


The homes in Hazlet are a mix of styles and ages. There are older homes as well as new construction, providing a diverse mix of architecture and character. Hazlet is home to houses in split-level, ranch and colonial-style homes.


The roofs of all these Hazlet homes are made predominantly of asphalt shingles, which are built to withstand the region’s climate and other natural forces. Despite this, Hazlet homeowners have choices when it comes to the different designs and colors of asphalt shingles that could give their home a unique look. The three main choices of roof material and style are:


  • Strip shingles (or three-tab shingles) that have a flat appearance
  • Dimensional shingles (or architectural shingles) that give the roof a multi-dimensional appearance
  • Luxury shingles that look like wood shake or slate


Hazlet homes and roofs must be built to withstand the Central New Jersey climate, with temperatures that often fluctuate from season to season, and from hot to cold and then cold to hot. The roofs in this part of the region also must withstand higher winds and other coastal weather effects such as sand and salt air coming off the bay.

The roof is one of the most important aspects of your home, as it keeps you and your family protected from all of nature’s elements. That’s why it’s so important that you regularly assess the quality and lifespan of your roof, and replace it before it’s too late.


Proven Contracting has been serving Hazlet and Central New Jersey since our founding five years ago. We are experienced in roof repairs and replacement, as well as siding and window replacement, and gutter-work.


Contact us today if:

  • Your Hazlet home’s roof has missing or damaged shingles
  • You see sand or other granule build-up in your gutters
  • Your shingles are curling or peeling up
  • Your roof is close to or has exceeded its 20-year lifespan


These are all signs that your roof needs some serious TLC, and may possibly even need to be replaced. Unfortunately, if you don’t address these issues, your roof – and your home – will be susceptible to water damage, which could lead to expensive repairs that extend well past your roof.


People often delay replacing their roof because it’s not convenient or because they want to hold off on spending money. At Proven Contracting, though, we can typically complete all roofing replacement projects in only one day, and we also pay special attention to cleanup so the process goes as quickly and seamlessly as possible.


Your new roof will protect your Hazlet home for years to come, while also giving your home a fresh new look, allowing it to stand out among the other homes in the neighborhood, but in a good way. A new roof can give your home a facelift and personalize your home to you once you choose the color and options that fit you best.

Proven Contracting Projects in Hazlet NJ

At Proven Contracting, we take a consultative approach to every one of our jobs. We provide free roof estimates so we can assess the health and status of your roof before making recommendations. After we get an up-close look at the entire structure of your roof, we provide you with a hassle-free quote for your roof replacement or repairs.


And by working with you directly during the planning process for your roof replacement, we can ensure that your new roof not only protects your home but looks good as well.

If you currently own a home in Hazlet, call Proven Contracting today to book your free estimate at (732) 800-4616.

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