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Point Pleasant Roofing Projects

Proven Roofing is proud to serve the Point Pleasant area. Although known as a resort town and home to the invaluable Point Pleasant Canal, Point Pleasant is also a year-round community. Right on the shore and in central NJ (a place some claim doesn’t exist, but we can assure you that it does), Point Pleasant embodies the slogan of New Jersey 101.5 cuts to the heart of Point Pleasant, “Not New York. Not Philadelphia. Proud to be New Jersey!”

Let us show you around!

When was Point Pleasant founded?

1920, although it went by the name West Point Pleasant until 1956.

What is the origin of the name Point Pleasant?

Point Pleasant’s name comes from the adjacent Point Pleasant Beach, even though the two are distinct communities. Point Pleasant Beach gets its name from being at the northern tip of the Barnegat Peninsula, which divides Barnegat Bay from the Atlantic Ocean at the Manasquan Inlet.

What is the history of Point Pleasant?

Point Pleasant Beach Borough Historian Jerry Woolley has an in-depth website documentingPoint Pleasant’s history. Here’s a summary of how the borough came to be.

In 1665, The Monmouth Patent was signed by the American colonies’ Royal Governor, which gave dominion over much of Ocean County and neighboring areas to 12 recipients.

There were some farms and homesteads in the area, but the assembly of what would later become the first village began in the 1810s when the Loveland family arrived. By the 1830s, Lovelandtown was roughly 30 homes strong. It was also around this time that tourists had started to come to the area.

By 1850, Ocean County broke off from Monmouth County. Development continued steadily, and in 1877 the Point Pleasant land Company bought a 250-acre plot of land and began developing the beachfront. They called it Point Pleasant City and began dividing the area to build homes and resort hotels.

In 1886, Point Pleasant Beach and Bay Head became independent from Brick Township. It would be another 24 years until Point Pleasant Borough would become its municipality, although it would be known as West Point Pleasant at the time (and until 1956). Lovelandtown, meanwhile, would remain entirely within the borders of Point Pleasant and never became its municipality. Its name did appear on maps, however, as early as 1890.

The various municipal separations that occurred during these years were motivated by the success of distinct parts of Brick Township. These municipalities figured they’d be better served managing their success instead of relying on Brick’s government, situated in Laurelton, nearly 4 miles away.

With a population of nearly 19,000 today, Point Pleasant is doing pretty well for itself!

What’s the geography of Point Pleasant?

Point Pleasant is about 4 square miles, with 3.5 square miles of land and .67 miles of water. The Manasquan River makes up its northern border, while the southern border is Beaver Dam Creek and the Metedeconk River. To the east, you’ll find Point Pleasant Beach and Bayhead; and to the west is Brick Township. Point Pleasant borders Mantoloking in Ocean County and Brielle in Monmouth County.

What’s the climate of Point Pleasant?

Point Pleasant, NJ, is designated as a humid subtropical climate. Generally speaking, that means a resident of Point Pleasant should expect an average mean temperature above freezing, at least four months are greater or equal to 50°F, and one month is at least 71.6°F.

Proven Roofing doesn’t send its crews out during temperatures greater than 95 °F and lower than 32 °F are, which any local resident will tell you is not uncommon. Overall, Point Pleasant has plenty ofideal weather conditions for roof installation. There also aren’t enough full days of sun for the color of your roof to make a difference, so you don’t have to worry about themost energy-efficient roof color.

What are the demographics of Point Pleasant?


  • 18,392 people
  • 7,273 households
  • 4,982 families in the borough

Economic Demographics

  • Median household income was $78,521 (with a margin of error of +/- $3,209)
  • Median family income was $94,399 (+/- $4,750)
  • Men had a median income of $67,632 (+/- $4,111)
  • Women had a median income of $47,428 (+/- $5,097)
  • About 1.8% of families and 3.6% of the population were below the poverty line, including 2.5% of those under age 18 and 6.6% of those age 65 or over.

No matter where you fall economically in Point Pleasant,don’t worry about money when buying a new roof. You canget a new roof with no money, andyou can get financing through Proven Roofing.

What are the schools like in Point Pleasant? is a reputable source for school reviews. Here’s what they have to say about Point Pleasant Schools.

  • Nellie F. Bennett Elementary School (K -5) Overall: A-
  • Ocean Road School (K – 5) Overall: B
  • Memorial Middle School (6 – 8) Overall B+
  • Point Pleasant Borough High School (9 – 12) Overall: A-

What are the property taxes like in Point Pleasant?

New Jersey has a property tax rate of 2.42%, which is the highest in the country (the national average is 1.07%). Theaverage property tax bill for Manasquan was $9,277 in 2018.

What exit is Point Pleasant on the Garden State Parkway?

Take Exit 98, and follow the sign directing you to Pt. Pleasant and Trenton. Continue on NJ-34 South. Take the third exit on the traffic circle to stay on NJ-34 S until it becomes NJ-35 S. Keep right to continue to Richmond Ave. Use the right two lanes to turn slightly right to stay on Richmond Ave, which becomes Ocean Rd. That will get you into Point Pleasant.

Does Point Pleasant have a train station?

Point Pleasant does not have its own railroad stop, but the adjacent Point Pleasant Beach does. The train ride to New York Penn Station takes between two hours and fifteen minutes and two and half hours. The trip is $16.75 one way. For children, 5-11, seniors, active military, and people with disabilities, tickets are $7.65.

Can you get to Philly from Point Pleasant?

Yes, the317 NJ Transit bus takes you to Philly. It makes 127 stops between the Greyhound Terminal 10th St/Filbert St and the Asbury Park Transportation Center. By car, Philly is around one hour and twenty minutes away.

Is there local bussing in Point Pleasant?

Yes, bussing is provided by Ocean Ride, which is administered by the Ocean County Department of Transportation Services. Tickets are $2 for the general public and $1 for everyone else.

Does Point Pleasant have a boardwalk?

No, but the adjacent Point Pleasant Beach boardwalk is a mile-long (AKA “Jenkinson’s boardwalk” ). The boardwalk is home to Jenkinson’s Aquarium, Jenkinson’s Arcades, a funhouse, an amusement park, pizza places, ice cream parlors, boardwalk games, and a miniature golf course. On holidays and weekends, the boardwalk attracts a huge crowd from across America and the greater Point Pleasant area.

What are some fun things to do in Point Pleasant?

Point Pleasant Parasail: Fly 500 feet in the air above the water for 12 to 14 minutes! If you’re worried, rest assured that you’re in the good hands of captains who have over 25 years of experience!

Paddle Surf New Jersey: With over 35 years of experience in both surfing and standup paddle boarding, the instructors from Paddle Surf offer classes from advanced to beginner levels.

TheVintage Automobile Museum of New Jersey and theNew Jersey Museum of Boating: Both museums share an address but have separate facilities.

Can you recommend some good places to eat in Point Pleasant?

Shore Fresh Seafood Market & Restaurant: The #1 restaurant in Point Pleasant has four out of five stars based on Tripadvisor’s 287 reviews. Fresh seafood! From lobster rolls and crab cakes to fish and chips and a steamed lobster dinner.

Woodchucks BBQ: The #2 place to eat on TripAdvisor with 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 100 reviews. Featuring specialty hot dogs, burgers, and grilled cheese along with classic BBQ items. Woodchucks was an Asbury Park Press Readers’ Choice winner for Best of the Best BBQ in Ocean County in 2019 and won a Tripadvisor certificate of excellence in 2015.

Have there been any notable residents of Point Pleasant?

Christie Pearce (Born 1975): Is an American professional soccer defender. She was previously captain of the United States women’s national soccer team. She is a 3-time Olympic gold medalist and a 2-time world champion in the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Page Joseph Falkinburg (Born 1956): Is better known as Diamond Dallas Page (DDP), a retired professional wrestler of 20 years. During his time at WCW, Page held several championship titles. This included WCW World Heavyweight Champion (three times) and WCW US HeavyWeight Champion ( two times). Page is a member of the WWE Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Franklin Witman “Blimp” Hayes (October 13, 1914 – June 22, 1955): An American professional baseball player, Hayes is a six-time all-star. He holds the MLB record for most consecutive games played by a catcher (312) and the record for most games as a catcher in a season (155). Hayes played for 14 years in the MLB and operated a sporting goods store in Point Pleasant after retirement.

Soraya (March 11, 1969 – May 10, 2006). A Colombian-American musician, Soraya was born in Point Pleasant, moved to Colombia as a baby, and returned to Point Pleasant at age eight. She was valedictorian of her class at Point Pleasant Boro High School. She scored two number-one songs on Billboard’s Latin Pop Airplay charts and won the 2004 Latin Grammy Award for “Best Album by Songwriter” for her eponymous album Soraya. An advocate for breast cancer awareness and education, particularly among Hispanic women, Soraya was the first Latin spokesperson for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Soraya passed away in 2006 from breast cancer.

Has Point Pleasant ever been featured in the media?

Yes, the short-lived Fox series Point Pleasant was set in a fictionalized version of Point Pleasant. The program began with a young woman named Christina washing up on Point Pleasant Beach’s shore with no knowledge of her true identity. She’s rescued by a lifeguard named Jesse, who eventually becomes her love interest.

As the show progresses, it’s revealed that Christina is the antiChrist! By the show’s end, Jesse is placed in the position of choosing between being in a relationship with Christina and preventing the apocalypse or rejecting Christina and bringing about the world’s end. Jesse rejects Christina, and the show ends with Point Pleasant engulfed in the flames of Armageddon (it can only be assumed that nearby Seaside Heights and Belmar burned down as well)!

Point Pleasant was not renewed for a second season.

Does Point Pleasant flood?

Some parts of Point Pleasant are designated AE by FEMA, which means that while there’s a 1% chance of flooding yearly, there’s a 26% chance of flooding throughout a 30-year mortgage.

Does Point Pleasant get hurricanes?

Because of its proximity to the ocean, Point Pleasant is at risk of hurricanes, tropical storms, and nor’easters. Although, hurricanes and tropical storms strike the area far less often. By one estimate, the odds of a hurricane hitting the area is 1 in 200 every year.

The most recent devastating Hurricane in local history wasSandy, which struck the Northeast in October 2012, 17% of Point Pleasant Boro’s homes were damaged. Of those 1,170 homes, 894 had minor damage, 136 were major, and 140 were severe.

Wrapping Up

Next time you’re driving through Point Pleasant to enjoy some BBQ or head to the boardwalk, you can share some of these factoids. And if someone needs a roof replacement, you can share our contact information with them! Although, in the event of Armageddon, we’re not sending our crew out!

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