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Spring Lake, NJ Roofing Projects

Proven Roofing is proud to serve Spring Lake, a town with a distinct appreciation for aesthetics. Home to many Victorian buildings and once a vacation destination high society, Spring Lake has grown into a year-round community. Spring Lake prides itself on its natural and architectural beauty, and Proven Roofing is happy to be the roofers of choice for so many people with such refined tastes. Let us show you around!

When was Spring Lake founded?

Spring Lake became an official borough of New Jersey on March 14, 1892. 

Who were the Native people who first lived in Spring Lake?

The Lenape were the original inhabitants of Spring Lake. During the 1700s, the Lenape were displaced by European settlers. The American Revolutionary War and the United States’ independence pushed them further west. During the 1800s, most Lenape were forcibly moved to the Indian Territory, which is in present-day Oklahoma and neighboring areas. According to the 2010 Census, only a single person identified as Native American lived in Spring Lake. 

What is the origin of the name Spring Lake?

Spring Lake is named after Spring Lake, a freshwater pond found in Divine Park. Spring Lake is sourced by several springs and empties into the Atlantic Ocean. The pond is 16 acres and 5 feet deep on average. 

What is the history of Spring Lake?

Around 1869, developers had been inspired by the success of neighboring resort towns. At the time, fishermen and farmers were the area’s primary inhabitants, but within a decade, that would change as large, lavish hotels sprung up. As detailed by the Washington Post, one of the biggest was the Monmouth House, which had 270 rooms and a dining room that could accommodate 1,000 people (it was demolished in 1975). 

In March of 1892, portions of Wall Township split off to become what is now Spring Lake borough. In 1903, neighboring North Spring Lake was incorporated into Spring Lake. Since then, Spring Lake has continued to stick to its origins as a place to experience the restorative powers of the shore while growing into a year-round community. 

What’s the geography of Spring Lake?

Spring Lake is 1.75 square miles, with .41 square miles of water, including Spring Lake, Wreck Pond, and Lake Como. Wreck Pond is named as such because it used to often be mistaken for the Manasquan Inlet. This problem was remedied by the eventual filling in of the pond’s inlet and the building of the Sea Girt Lighthouse. 

What are the demographics of Spring Lake?

According to the 2010 Census, Spring Lake had:

  • 2,993 people
  • 1,253 households
  • 829 families

And the economic makeup was:

  • Median household income was $97,885 (with a margin of error of +/- $16,792)
  • Median family income was $150,156 (+/- $39,466)
  • Men had a median income of $106,853 (+/- $30,491)
  • Women has a median income of $68,750 (+/- $15,695) 
  • About 2.2% of families and 2.8% of the population were below the poverty line, including none of those under age 18 and 2.0% of those age 65 or over.

What are the schools like in Spring Lake? is a reputable source for school reviews. Here’s what they have to say about Spring Lake schools. 

H.W. Mountz Elementary School(Pre-K – 8th)

  • Overall A 
  • Academics A+ 
  • Teachers A+ 
  • Diversity C

Manasquan High School (9th – 12th):

Students who are in the 9th – 12th grade attend Manasquan High School in nearby Manasquan, NJ, which Proven Roofing also serves. 

  • Overall A-
  • Academics A- 
  • Diversity B- 
  • Teachers B+ 
  • College Prep B+ 
  • Clubs & Activities A- 
  • Health & Safety A
  • Administration C 
  • Sports A+ 
  • Food A+ 
  • Resources & Facilities B

What are the property taxes like in Spring Lake?

The 2020 general tax rate is .618%, and the 2020 effective tax rate is .602%. New Jersey has a property tax rate of 2.42%, which is the highest in the country (the national average is 1.07%). The average property tax bill for Spring Lake was  $13,029 in 2021. The sales tax for the state of NJ is 6.625%.

Proven Roofing recognizes that because the property taxes are so high in NJ that many residents aren’t able to have a new roof fund stashed aside for that day when it’s time for a new roof. For that reason, we can recommend many different ways to pay for a roof with no money. Proven Roofing also offers to finance. We’ll work together to figure out a financing plan that works best for you! 

What exit is Spring Lake on the Garden State Parkway?

Take Garden State Parkway North to Exit 98. Then get on Route 34 South, and take the exit for 524 East to Spring Lake on the traffic circle. 

Does Spring Lake have a train station?

Yes, a train ride from Spring Lake to New York Penn Station takes around two hours and 10 minutes or around one hour and 20 minutes if you take the express train. A one-way ticket is $16.75 for adults and $7.65 for children 5 – 11, seniors, military, and adults with disabilities. The train requires a transfer in Long Branch. 

Can you get to Philly from Spring Lake?

  • NJ Transit 317 goes from Asbury Park to Camden/Philadelphia and makes a stop in Spring Lake. 
  • Philly is between an hour and 20 to an hour and 30 minutes by car via a combination of I-195 W and I-95 S. Whether or not you go through Cherry Hill, NJ, or more of Pennsylvania will impact the duration of the journey.

Is there an NJ Transit bus route in Spring Lake?

  • NJ 830 goes from Asbury Park to Point Pleasant Beach and stops in Spring Lake.

Does Spring Lake have a boardwalk?

Yes, it’s around two miles long and commercial-free. Spring Lake prides itself on having a boardwalk that’s free of shops, although there are two places to buy food. The boardwalk directly connects to the boardwalks of neighboring Belmar and Sea Girt. 

Can I ride my bike or scooter on the Spring Lake boardwalk?

From May 15 to September 15, bikes are allowed on Spring Lake’s boardwalk from sunrise to 9 am. 

What’s the beach season for Spring Lake Beach?

The beach season in Spring Lake runs from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend. The Spring Lake 5 Mile Run, which started in 1977, kicks off the summer season with a race that’s grown into one of the country’s largest 5-mile races. Since 2002, over $2,460,000 have been raised for all the volunteer groups and charitable organizations that support the race. 

Do you have to pay to go to the beach in Spring Lake?

Season passes can be bought online, but they sell out quickly. Luckily, daily passes are always available. There’s a wait list for season passes too. 

  • $10 Daily
  • $110.00 Full Season 12+
  • $75.00 Late Season (8/1/18-Labor Day)
  • $75.00 Season Senior (65 & older)
  • Under 12 Free & Parking Free

Are dogs allowed on Spring Lake beach?

From October 1 through May 14, you can bring your dogs so long as they are leashed. 

Is there surfing in Spring Lake?

Spring Lake has two designated surfing beaches: Washington and Surfer’s Beach (AKA Kook Bay).

Does Spring Lake have a downtown?

Spring Lake’s downtown is down the street from the boardwalk. The downtown has clothing stores, restaurants, art galleries, coffee houses, gift shops, and more. There are several B&Bs and hotels in the area. Spring Lake Community Theater features various types of performances and offers classes in dance and acting. The downtown also hosts events throughout the year. 

Why is Spring Lake known as the “Irish Rivera”?

Spring Lake is known to some as the “Irish Riviera” because it has the highest percentage of Irish-Americans in the United States. Spring Lake is home to the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick of the Jersey Shore, an organization that increases awareness of the cultural achievements of the Irish. The organization also awards grants to qualifying area high school students of Irish heritage. 

Are there any good places to eat in Spring Lake?

Being local and knowing the area well is one of the ways to identify a good roofing contractor because we can provide you with local references of our work, and with a few good places to eat!

  • Hoffman’s Ice Cream: More than just a great place to get ice cream, Hoffman’s is a must-visit destination on the Jersey Shore. With 4.5 stars out of five based on 238 reviews on Tripadvisor, you can see just how popular Hoffman’s is! Although technically in nearby Spring Lake Heights, it’s still worth the trip. 
  • Whisper’s Restaurant: With 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 351 reviews, Whispers restaurant is the best-rated place to eat in Spring Lake. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc; Whispers is the go-to place for special occasions in the area!

Are there any sites in Spring Lake listed on the National Register of Historic Places?

The Episcopal Church of the Holy Trinity: Built between 1880 and 1881, The Episcopal Church of the Holy Trinity is the oldest church in Spring Lake. The church embodies a local interpretation of the Stick Style Gothic Revival church architecture. Inside, visitors will find buttresses of vaulted dark wood, colorful lancet windows, and stained glass depictions of bible stories. Finally, the church has an organ with blue, rose, and gold polychrome pipes. 

Audenried Cottage: Audenried Cottage, which now goes by the Normandy Inn, is currently a B&B. You can observe its facade at 21 Tuttle Ave. 

Martin Maloney Cottage: The Martin Maloney Cottage on Morris Avenue belonged to Martin Malone, whose family fled the Irish potato famine in 1854. Maloney would grow up to improve a gasoline burner that was used in street lighting, which afforded him enough wealth to erect his manor. 

Frederic A. Duggan First Aid and Emergency Squad Building: Until 2004, this building was used by the Spring Lake First Aid and Emergency Squad. Today it’s a community building. 

Have there been any notable residents of Spring Lake?

Mary Higgins Clark (December 24, 1927 – January 31, 2020): An American author of suspense novels, published many books, 51 of which were bestsellers in the US and several European nations. Her books were also adapted to many movies. Clark had a home in Spring Lake, among many places, and set her 2002 novel On the Street Where You Live in Spring Lake. 

Does Spring Lake get hurricanes?

Because of its proximity to the ocean, Spring Lake is at risk of hurricanes, tropical storms, and nor’easters. Although, hurricanes and tropical storms strike the area far less often. By one estimate, the odds of a hurricane hitting the area is 1 in 200 every year.

When Hurricane Sandy struck the Northeast in October 2012, Spring Lake had its boardwalk ripped asunder. Parts of the boardwalk were even found blocks away in residential areas. Additionally, sand dunes were completely blown away.

Does it Flood in Spring Lake?

FEMA has classified some parts of Spring Lake as a 100-Year Flood Plain, which refers to zones where there’s a 1% chance every year of a significant flood. Sand Dunes are the first line of defense against flooding in Spring Lake. Flooding can be caused by tide, waves, and storm surges, which is also why the areas near Wreck Pond, Spring Lake, and Lake Como sometimes flood.

Wrapping Up

If you’re in Spring Lake, you’ll want to work with roofers whose craftsmanship lives up to the high standards set by the town’s landmarks. In order to do that, you’ll want to know the questions to ask your roofers, so you know you’re getting a good deal and a quality roof. Proven Roofing is happy to go through the wringer to earn your trust to deliver you the roof you deserve!

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